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I am a Man of Many Trades [Part 2 : Arcade Stories]

[This is part two in an ongoing collection of stories from my previous jobs. To find part one (which includes an introduction) head to: http://redd.it/35ej4o ]
I’ll say it now; I am not an author. I have no real experience writing. I’m just a regular guy looking to share stories from my past jobs. As such, my spelling, grammar, and all that jazz, may not be the best. I’m typing these up in Google Docs so I can get the basic editing done, but you shouldn’t be expecting some top notch novel-grade work here.
After the events in my first post here, I was without a job again for a while. I had started taking some classes at a local trade school, and my family situation was pretty good, so I didn’t need to work. Family basically told me to focus on schooling and not to worry about a job until I was done. So, some time passed. Eventually I finished the classes I was taking (Primary one being in Casino gaming repair) and got a job as a tech in the arcade industry with the info and skills I had picked up.
The arcade I worked at had been a bit of a local landmark here in the past, and even had tourists from all over ( mostly from Canada (snowbirds) , Germany, and eastern Europe (don’t really know why with them to be honest) ) due to the large all-wooden roller coaster we had. We offered go karts, kiddie rides, rock climbing, laser tag, and one of the bigger arcade floors in the area, and just about the time I started working there a sports bar area was added. Recently the place closed down, and if he hasn’t been demolished, it’s slated to be. Making room for a new shopping center or condos, I’ve heard. That’s the nature of south Florida; if it ain’t being use, it’s being snatched up to make room to stuff more people and businesses in. Yay tourism dollars, amirite?
As promised, Instead of splitting this into two parts, I’m leaving it as one, for the people that were disappointed in the 24 hour waiting time. I figure I may as well give you something to fill the gap between this and the next, as well as making up for the fact you can only post to nosleep once every 24 hours. In Google Docs, this is just over 15 pages long. Hopefully that’ll hold you over.

Things in the Dark

I was hired on as a tech, but due to being hired on for the swing shift and most of the weekend, I was often used as an attraction or arcade attendant depending on the staff needs and customer count. I’d often start the day working on repairs, only to be moved to those duties towards the middle of my shift. I also happened to be one of the only males closing most weekdays, other than the night manager and kitchen guys. That’ll set the stage for the first of these stories.
It wasn’t long after I had started working there that I had been asked by the night manager to cover the laser tag room for the rest of my shift. It was a slow day in the middle of the week during the school year, and normally we wouldn’t have many (if any) customers at that time, but there was a birthday party of about ten teenagers coming in last minute. So I packed up my tools and closed up the steering assembly on the Initial D I was repairing (those card readers like to fuck up a lot it seemed) and headed into the laser tag room.
The area was set up with a slender but relatively long staging area that had the vests and guns, the computer that controlled everything, instruction video, and music controls. There was a flimsy, carpet-covered bit of drywall with two doors (one on each end) for entry and exit. On the other side of that wall was a pretty large room (maybe the size of a standard movie theater) with all sorts of thick plastic walls, strobe lights mounted to the walls as well as hung down from the rafters on poles and chains. Every hour we were supposed to go in, close the door to the rest of the arcade and lock it so no one comes in and dicks around, do a quick visual sweep of the area, make sure there was nothing broken, no trash or other items laying around, and sweep up if needed, then open back up.
I was doing the sweep, starting from the entry door, working my way up and down the lanes in a bottom-to-top-to-bottom style to get to the exit door. Everything was cool the first few lanes, just listening to my music in one ear, listening out for the radio with the other, until maybe about 3/4th my sweep was done. I started feeling like I was being watched, and could have sworn I saw something move around one of the dividers. I wasn’t creeped at first; I figured some parent lost track of their brat and they were running around in the laser tag room because they thought it was cool. So I call out, “Hey kid, no one’s allowed in here right now, laser tag is closed for another five to ten minutes. Don’t make me get your parents.”
No response. I didn’t hear footsteps, didn’t hear breathing, didn’t see anything else, so I figured ‘alright, kid is either hiding or left. So I make my way back to the exit after finishing my sweep and realize something. When I entered the ‘control room’ as I like to call it, the door to the rest of the arcade was still closed and locked. The only ones that had keys to that room that night were the night manager and myself.
I was pretty spooked for a bit, but played it off on the strobe lights and the fact some of the barrier bits had reflective plastic pieces on them. I chalked it up to that, and the fact I hadn’t been getting much sleep (disposable income and a new Xbox 360 didn’t leave me a lot of sleep time, what can I say?). I let the party in when they got there, they did laser tag until close (about three hours worth of play). Surprisingly enough they weren’t total shitheads like most of the teens we got, and weren’t rowdy or overly obnoxious, which I was thankful for. The birthday girl even slid me a tip for letting them stay longer than their passes were good for (what was 30 extra minutes when we were about to close any way?) and they got out of there, leaving me to just do a final sweep of the place before shutting down and closing up.
I did the same deal as my first time around, and again when I got to about 3/4th done, I saw the same movement out of the corner of my eye and felt like I was being watched. I grabbed my flashlight out of my pocket and shone it around, looking for any stray kids or anything else, making a note to check for reflective bits. Nothing, any of it. None of the shiny plastic bits in eyesight, no kids in the room, nothing. Needless to say I was spooked. I couldn’t blame it on the strobe lights this time either, since I had shut them off before coming in. I kept thinking that there had to be a rational excuse for it, but also that I also valued sex and gaming too much to get my ass killed for $8.50 an hour. I booked it out of there, shut the doors leading to the laser arena area, just shut everything off by the power switch, and got out on to the arcade floor to help close the rest of the building down.
A few days later we had another slow day and after I got my daily punch list done, I went to the laser tag room to chat with one of the other employees, a short, somewhat chubby, blonde girl I’ll call A. She was in there charging her phone via the computer, with the doors to the laser tag area closed tight and the normal lighting on in the control room (which were usually off in favor for the blacklights). I started making the usual small talk, ‘Man it’s pretty dead in here tonight.’, talking about tv, etc. Maybe 20 minutes pass and she asks me “So you closed up in here by yourself the other night?” and I answered “yeah, what about it”. I didn’t want to look like some pussy in front of a cute girl. She just shakes her head a bit and starts telling me about how spooked she gets in there, even with all the lights on and another person with her. How she refuses to close it by herself, the creepy feelings she has, the things she’s seen and heard.
Considering I hadn’t said a single thing about my experience to anyone, I was getting at 4spooky5me levels here. But, I played it off, telling her some of the stuff I had read up on when I got home from my experience, about human psychology and how the dark brings our evolutionary instincts out the most. She thanked me for trying, but said that probably wouldn’t help her not feel creeped out in there.
Flash forward about a month and we have this deal going where if you bought one round, you got a round free. They had underestimated the turnout, and had been under staffed as a result., When the girl in laser tag that night (not A this time) was on break I had to cover her. There was a bit of a lull in people as many of them left due to a bad storm rolling in, but about ten minutes into me getting situated in there, this couple and their friend come in. Two big black dudes, looked like extras in a rap video : swole to all hell, tattoos all over, one of them even had facial tattoos. The girl clinging to one of them looked like a coked up hooker from a bad area. They were polite enough, just not too bright or cleanly looking. I got them set up, they went in and started playing; just the three of them.
Their round ends, and they all three come out together. The chick tells me I should go get the little girl that’s in there, she looked too young to be in there by herself, and didn’t have a vest on. I told her they were the only ones that went in there, and she looks kinda worried. Dude with the facial tattoos tells me “No really, there’s some kid in there boss. Little white girl. Maybe three or fo.”
I’m about to piss myself there, but thank them for letting me know and they get out of there. I figure one of three things is happening here. Either one, they were on drugs. Two, there was a girl in there who had somehow gotten in without me noticing. Three, well, let’s just say I kept reminding myself I’m an atheist and skeptic, I don’t believe in this shit. So I’m opting that it was two or three and go in, this time turning on the normal lights (thanks to A showing me where the switches for them were). I start by just saying “Laser tag is closing for ten minutes while we do the hourly clean up and safety checks. If there is anyone here, you have to exit the arena until we’re done.” Of course, not a single damn response.
I let out a sigh and started sweeping the room. Absolutely nothing, other than that sense I’m being watched. All the while I’m thinking “Man, evolution, tone that shit down alright? We’re not being stalked by panthers and shit any more. We don’t need to see every little thing around.” I swept the arena twice, because if there WAS a little kid lost in there, I didn’t want to be responsible. Again, nothing. I said fuck it, and left. The girl running the room before I got there was returning from break in a minute or two, I’d let her deal with it.
Again we flash forward a few weeks. It’s a friday night, which is surprisingly not a busy night there. There’s a crowd from about 4pm (the time middle schools in the county get out) until about 8pm, and we were open until midnight. We got a lot of cleaning and repair done on friday nights.
By this time, I was working as both a tech during off hours, and a supervisor during the rest of my time there. I wasn’t getting paid any more, but I did get the benefit of doing just about whatever I wanted, when I wanted. That’s not to say I got complacent, but I did fit in a lot more socialization. I’d come around and help the attendants with their cleaning, shooting the shit while we did. I’d talk about games with the guys, cooking and tv with the more traditional girls, flirted around, just tried to have some fun while doing the daily grind. A lot of the staff appreciated that; being at your own station alone - especially on the open arcade floor where you couldn’t have your phone out - got hella boring.
So I had just got finished helping one of our newer guys clean the monitors on a bank of games while talking about our Warcraft addictions, and he went off to do some more cleaning in another section. I made my way over to the laser tag room, where A was. She would always send calls for repairs when she was in there alone, especially on dead days. We were just talking about random stuff; how she was thinking about moving, about my girlfriend at the time and how her being away for school was putting a strain on things, just the usual life crap. We were there what had to be a good hour when some kids came up. They tried to use their game cards and were denied, they only had arcade credit on it. As they were walking away all dejected I told them I’d just let them in for a round or two if they kept it between us. My manager honestly didn’t care, especially on slow nights, and I remembered what it was like to be a disappointed kid. They get all happy and suited up. A and I continued to talk as I gave them three rounds. When they finished up, they thanked us and left, A was all telling me how nice it was that I let them, and I was playing up the modest good guy routine. Got a call on the radio for a customer service related issue, so I had to head out, and I had gotten distracted with other guys for the rest of the night, helping out and again shooting the shit.
At close, I told A I would get laser tag, since I knew she was straight terrified of the place. I felt uneasy in it too, but there hadn’t been any other incidents or big thugged out looking guys reporting little girls in there, so I didn’t have an issue doing it. Just as I get the computers shut down and go to do the floor sweep, one of the kids I let in earlier comes up saying he lost his wallet and the last time he had seen it was coming in to laser tag. Asks if he can look for it. I tell him I’m just about to go in, and that I’ll turn on the lights, he can come look with me.
We get in and the kid instantly goes off one direction, I decided I’d go the other, get more ground covered and get him out of there faster. I do a sweep of the floor, find nothing, and a few seconds later hear the door close. Figured the kid had found his wallet and in a rush to leave, closed the door behind him. So I just call out “Hey, kid, you still in here?” to make sure. I don’t get a response. So I head to the control room and flick off the lights, head to the turnstile leading in to the room where the door inside is, and go to close it. Suddenly I hear loud footsteps, heavy breath, and see something straight up charging me. I stumble back and grope for the light, it’s the kid. He’s got his wallet in his hand and looks like he’s about to cry. I apologize profusely for shutting the light off on him, and ask why he didn’t answer when I asked if he was still in there. He tells me he didn’t hear anything, and that the dark didn’t scare him; but asked why I let the little girl in there too, and why was she running all around and looking at him, that she was scary and freaking him out.
At this point I grabbed the kid by his shoulder, escorted him out, and didn’t bother shutting the rest of the room down for the night. A saw me bringing him out and the look on my face, asked me what was wrong. So I took her to the side and told her everything the kid told me, the shit the thugged out looking people told me previously, and the shit I had experienced. She looked me dead in the eye and asked if I was fucking with her. Even punched me and said not to fuck around about stuff like that. I swore to her I was being 100% serious. She told me she was never doing laser tag again - and in the entire time I worked there, at least on shifts we both worked together - I never saw her work it.
The new guy I mentioned previously, the one I would talk WoW with, We’ll call him K. K ended up getting laser tag pretty often. He kinda sucked at his other duties, and laser tag wasn’t a hard job, so we stuck him in there on busy days. He was from a more rural area of the south and in Florida for college, was working at the arcade until he could finish up and had plans of joining the airforce. The dude was religious, and we’d always have half-serious debates with each other when we weren’t taking games. It was all in good nature, mind you, but we were both serious about our ideologies. He always prominently wore his crucifix.
I found it odd one day when I came in to talk about a new patch on WoW with him, and saw that he didn’t have the crucifix on. I had joked with him and asked if he had finally come around to logic and reason. He told me no, that he had just found a more important place for it. I didn’t question it. Religious people always came off a bit nutty to me, so I figured it was just a quirk of his and let it be.
That day we were super dead and our labor cost was already over our profit, so the manager on duty had me cut two people. When it came to doing that, I’d always check to see who needed the hours the most, who was coming close to over time, etc. A was on the arcade floor, just doing cleaning work and close to over time, so I had her go home. The others on duty really needed the money, and so K offered to head home, saying that the job was just for spending money, he didn’t need it as much as them. The dude was a pretty good guy, gotta hand it to him.
So I let K get outta there and I took the next call for laser tag. Everything went well. No spoopy shadows, no ghost girls, no weird incidents. It wasn’t until light when we were closing down that I had the feeling I was being watched all over again. At that point I was starting to get used to it. I even had a habit of somewhat jokingly saying “Knock knock, I’m coming in to clean up, no haunting right now, alright?” under my breath as I’d come in to do the closing sweep. So I just ignored it and started heading out. Something caught my eye as I was leaving the room. Not the usual shadowy movement, but a little shimmer of gold. It was coming from the handle of the case the fire extinguisher sat in. So I made my way over to investigate.
Hanging from the handle via larks head knot with it’s own chain was a small golden crucifix. Specifically K’s crucifix.
So the next shift I worked with him, I asked him what was up. As far as I had known, no one mentioned the creepy shit to him. He goes on to tell me that he had been getting creepy vibes in there for a few days, but it wasn’t until the first time he had to close it up that he saw something that made him real uneasy. He told me how he was in the middle of the room, sweeping up trash, when he could have sworn he saw something crawling across the walls like a lizard, but the size of a Jack Russell. He said he only saw it for a moment and then it was gone. He told me it wasn’t the strobes because he had shut them and the black lights off and had the normal lights on. Told me he saw it four different times before he decided the place was haunted and ‘needed the love of Jesus’.
There’s only one time on record that anything physical had ever happened. To this day I still find it hard to chalk up to coincidence, but I don’t know what else it could be. Everything to this point could be explained away by tricks of lighting, stress, being tired, paranoia, etc. This one event still gives me goosebumps when I think about it, even though it was practically nothing.
On saturday nights, we would get rowdy guests, drunks, people that refused to leave after their game cards were out of credits, and because of that, we had county police act as security after dark. When we would go to close a police officer would sweep the area with us. When we closed, we couldn’t leave until all departments got their stuff done and got manager approval, so we’d often shoot the shit with the cops that’d do security. This particular night we had a cop we knew believed in ghosts, and K and I thought it would be great to pull a prank on the guy. We had told him about some of the shit that went down in the arcade (not just in laser tag, I’ll get to those stories in my next entry) and he’d tell us shit that he had experienced on the job, and we decided to use that to our advantage. As he went to sweep laser tag, K and I took a few tokens and snuck inside. We each tossed two of them in random spots, then snuck back to the door to wait for him. He comes up and hands us three tokens and says “haha, nice one guys. Good try.”
As he’s walking away from us, from down the middle lane, a single token comes rolling out and hits K’s shoe.
K never came back to work after that, citing to management that school work was becoming too demanding for him to keep up with it and a job.

Night of the Toilets

Here’s where I was going to initially cut the post into two different points. But because of all the messages in my inbox, and the number of positive votes on my post (which surprised me to be honest) I decided to make this one a lot longer to make up for the 24 hour delay.
Before I got the mixed duty of tech and supervisor, I used to do over-nights. Overnights were shifts where the head of the tech department (We’ll call him C) would come in after close with a few other techs (usually a senior tech and one to two entry level techs) to do extensive repairs that would be too hard with the arcade open, new game instillation, re-organize the arcade floor, do inventory, and other tasks. Typically they’d be done in the middle of the week, from around 10pm to 6 or 7am. Aside from the security guard that patrolled the area (it was a warehouse district and he’d check all the areas around every hour) coming to do door checks, the techs were alone with C all night, with the doors locked. The only exception would be to go outside to smoke, which was done right outside the only door they unlocked, all together.
That sets the framework for this event. It was right before winter break, and we had received two new racing games that had come in a series of large wooden shipping crates. C had called in his friend and long-term senior tech S, myself, and another entry level tech, R, and at the start of the night gave us a rundown of what we’d be doing. He and S were going to begin assembling the first of the two new games, and he wanted R and myself to make room in the racing game island by taking two of the older games and moving them to another section of the arcade that he had marked on the floor plan. Once he gave us our tasks, he didn’t care how we got it done, so long as it was done by when he wanted.
This gave us the chance to get the music system in the arcade set up. We all had similar taste in music, so R went to the main control room (where the local servers, networking stuff, lighting and music controls were) and found the right satellite music channel. I went to the concessions area and got us all Icees and snacks; C and S went outside for their first smoke of the night. Ten minutes later we were all getting to work. R and I shot the shit about games and movies we wanted to see, and about how we were both signing up for the Christmas Eve and New Years Eve shifts to get the double pay the company offered for them.
R and I worked pretty fast, it’s not as if the work was anything crazy. I would get on the inside bit of the island and unplug the games and push them out from behind, and he would come in with the forklift and take the game away to its new location. Even with all our talking and fucking around, we got it done in about an hour, with a big gap open up for the new games and the promotional displays that’d go around them. We headed to the area C and S had cleared out to have room to assemble the games and started lending a hand.
A few hours later, the first of the games was fully assembled and starting its initial boot up to make sure everything was running fine. Sometimes that first boot can take a while, so we all went to the bathroom, got new drinks, and headed outside for C and S to have another smoke. We saw the security guy, who bummed a smoke off S, and was talking about his other job with C, since they had worked in the same field at one point. We fucked around outside for about half an hour before the security guy had to head out to do the checks on the buildings around. We went inside and with the four of us, we banged out the second game a lot faster than the first; with a big part of it being that we knew where everything went without needing the instructions this time around.
C and S headed to C’s office (In the very back of the arcade) to fill out paperwork they needed to get done before the week was up, while R and I got the new games in to position with the forklift. We got them hooked up, changed the settings, installed the game credit readers (we used a card system, not tokens) and played a few games to make sure everything was working correctly. When it was, we decided we were going to go hit the snack bar again, then get some of our weekly tech work done early. Each week we’d have to do preventive maintenance (PM) work on a section of the arcade, calibrate gun games, etc. We started in the back of the arcade and began working our way forward when suddenly the satellite radio just cuts mid song.
We go from hearing the angry tones of Phil Anselmo over thrash-metal guitars, to just silence. A few seconds later we hear the rushing of a TON of water. R and I had thought that a pipe burst or something. We booked it to the bathrooms to make sure, considering all our outlets were in the floor; if a rush of water was going to be coming, we’d have to flip the breakers and soon, or risk frying out possibly millions of dollars worth of games.
As we approached the bathrooms we see that the lights - which did not have a switch and were on motion sensors - were all on, in both the men’s and women’s bathrooms. The sound was a lot louder there, and we went in to check. Every single toilet was flushing and not stopping. R radioed C and asked him what we should do about it; we were techs not maintenance men, we didn’t work on the toilets. Just as he gets done calling C, we hear S really nervous sounding over the radio saying that as he was in the snack bar area getting their drinks, all the sinks just started full force blasting water and would not shut off regardless of what he did with the knobs.
Now I want to make something clear. I am six foot, one inch tall, and a big guy. I LOOK intimidating in general. With the exception of some stuff spooking me a bit, I am usually not very easily scared. I’ve worked security, I’ve remained calm while I’ve had guns pointed at my head. But this shit spooked me. But, it wasn’t not just me. The entire crew was similar; big (with the exception of C, who was short but tough as nails), all atheists, typically skeptics on everything, tough guys. We were all spooked. For us to all be weirded out, this had to be something, y’know?
So C tells us to meet him out behind the kitchen, to grab out shit and meet him by the main water valve. We all get out there and shut the shit off. He looks at us all dead in the faces and says that right before the water started going crazy, he could swear he saw someone peeking into his office and heard giggling. Told us that he assumed it was one of us pulling a prank on him, even with the toilets, until he heard S get freaked out. The had had known S 10 years and had never heard him so much as cry out suddenly, even when his foot got caught in a scissor lift and had to go to the hospital. Thats what let him know that we were just fucking done for the night.
We didn’t even bother to clock out. C told us he would do a manager override the next day, but that we were getting the fuck out of there for the night.

Enter ‘Creepybitch’

So, around the time K was hired, we got another employee, going to call him T (first initial of his last name, since his first name started with an A and I don’t want him being confused with the girl from the laser tag stories). T was a young black guy, maybe about 17 or 18. He had tattoos all over his arms and chest, dressed like a total thug when he wasn’t on the clock, and listened to lots of local underground gangster rap. The thing that surprised everyone was just how soft spoken, intelligent, and polite he was. He was a hard worker too; you’d set him to a task and it would be done perfectly and sooner than expected. He didn’t talk much, but when he did it would be about news events, college course work, and occasionally games.
One day he comes to me asking if we’re going to be hiring for the summer rush, because he’s got a family member that is going through some hard times, and could really use a job to help them get on their feet. I told him C had mentioned wanting to get a few new people in, and that he should get them to bring in an application, that if they worked anything like he did, we’d be crazy to not have them.
Spring Break rolls around and C hires on a new set of attendants, including T’s relative, whom we discovered was a cousin, and female. Suddenly a bunch of the male staff decides that they’re going to try to get in good with her.
Lets just say that didn’t last for long.
G was an odd girl from the start, in that kind of ‘Super cheery and upbeat all the time no matter what’ kind of way. Like a stereotypical white, suburban, 1950’s house wife. She would always, in a super high pitched happy tone, come up to people at the start of a shift, shreek “Hello!” and hug them. For the first few weeks we assumed she was just a really upbeat person, and that the problems T had mentioned were either overstated or that she was just very good at masking them in public.
About a month after she started working there though, she started to get weirder, borderline creepy.
G would walk pretty quietly, stand in a doorway, and just watch people until they noticed her. She’d let out her shrill “Hi!” with a smile, then wave and walk off. We gave her the benefit of the doubt; maybe she wanted to be social but didn’t want to interrupt anything. C started calling her creepy in conversation because she had done it to him like four times on one shift.
But, I mean, some people are just weirdos right? Nothing innately wrong with that. Well, thats what we thought for a while.
One of the supervisors who had been demoted to inventory control for the prize games and redemption counter was there on a slow night, counting inventory and restocking the prize games. He was back in the prize lockup area when he could swear he was being watched. Most of the long time staff had gotten used to that being a fact of working there, what with the supposed ‘ghost girl’ and all the other spooky shit that our minds seemed to cause us to feel and see. He just put it behind him and continued to do inventory. A few minutes later, he thought he saw someone standing in the doorway out of the corner of his eye, turned, and saw no one there.
Not five minutes later, he thought he could hear breathing in the room with him. So he turns around, and what does he see? Fucking G sitting on a box about four feet behind him, watching him with a dead eye expression. He said he was freaked out, but expected her to pull the usual upbeat “Hi!” and run off. She didn’t. She just sat there watching him for a few minutes, got up, and waked out.
G would often just up and disappear. We wouldn’t be able to find her for up to an hour at times. I was doing my mixed-duty tech/super position at this time and would have to threaten her with write-ups. Even with how creepy she was, she DID do good work, and was always pleasent with the customers, so I didn’t want to write her up; especially with a three strike policy in place. We’d ask where she’d go, why she didn’t answer her radio, etc. She’d give noncommittal answers and say she’d not do it again.
I decided to talk to T about things, and see if he had anything he could tell me that’d put things into perspective. He dropped some shit on me, for sure.
G had apparently been living with her older brother and his wife. He didn’t give many details on why, but she wasn’t with the parents. She had apparently always been weird like this, but she kind of snapped recently. Her brother had killed his pregnant wife by stabbing her in the stomach multiple times after finding out she had been cheating on him. He was sent to prison after pleading no contest. This apparently fucked G up worse than before, and was why she needed a job so bad. T had apparently not spent a whole lot of time with her as a child though and said she even gave him the creeps some time, but that family looked out for family.
Knowing this, and being a family orientated man myself, I decided to cut her as much slack as I could. It was a fucked up situation, and the girl had to be going through a lot. I told everyone who shared shifts with her for the next week the short version about how she was going through some serious stress and emotional stuff, and that we shouldn’t really judge her on what she was doing recently, that it had to be hard to cope with that kind of stuff. Everyone was understanding, and things went much the same for a while, just being easier to deal with knowing why she was like that. When I had told C, he even told me that as long as she was getting her work done and not doing it when we had a lot of customers around, to let her take the time she needed, that she was probably vanishing to get herself under control and trying to not let her life impact her work.
Well, that was all fine and good until she started vanishing for much longer periods, and acting even weirder.
We started finding weird drawings on shifts she had worked. They’d be behind games, in stalls of the the women’s bathroom, at the computer desk in laser tag, etc. They’d be shit you’d expect from the stereotypical ‘kid possessed by demons’ movies; all sketchy, shitty quality, and of strange things. One of the most notable was done in colored pencil and was of a green hill with three figures; a tall black figure with horns and two red figures on their knees in a praying position. Something that looked kinda like a fish or something was in the air with a word bubble that said (in perfectly feminine handwriting) “There is no joy.” Another had been of what looked to be a bear circled by little stick figure girls with the same handwriting saying “Screams inside”.
One of the girls on staff recognized the handwriting. G would often do home work when she would be stationed at laser tag, as she was doing community college. She had left a notebook in the room one time, and this staff member had flipped through it looking for a name. She was 100% sure it was the same handwriting.
So lets recap; we have a creepy girl, stalking people around the arcade, going from super cheery to basically a zombie, who’s had a crazy event just happen, leaving drawings you’d expect to see fucking Damien Thorn to be plastering all over his room, disappearing for sometimes hours at a time with nowhere to be found.
Soon after finding the drawings, we were on a busy saturday shift on a day that did not seem like it would fucking end. Around 5pm that day, we had a big time issue with the laser tag system and had to close it down until one of the techs from the company that made it could come out and look at it. We shut down the systems, turned off the lights, and went about doing our usual busy saturday shift.
Around 8pm I realize I hadn’t seen G in a while and started asking around for where she could be. Calling for her position on the radio, asking staff, even checking the security footage to see if I could point her out. No one knew. Around 8:30 A came back from break and I asked her. She told me that she had seen G go in to laser tag around 5:15, she figured to go grab her homework she had left behind. Hadn’t seen her since.
So I’m a bit irritated, but also a bit spooked. I grab T and R and tell them we need to go check something in laser tag, that a customer told me they had seen a kid go in there and I wanted them to sweep the room with me. So we head in, turn on the lights, and start looking around. R lets out a surprised gasp. He had gotten to the back corner, almost to the wall. Hiding between some of the plastic barriers, he found G sitting on the floor, crosslegged, sketching away.
Fucking keep in mind, when the strobes, blacklights and normal lights are off, laser tag is PITCH BLACK. There IS glow in the dark paint on the walls, but it is super old and does not hold its glow very long, maybe 30 minutes after the lights cut. She was in the fucking dark. Sitting in the back of the laser arena, drawing.
So we get out of there and R is all like ‘fuck this, I need a smoke’, and leaves to go on break. T is asking G what the hell she was doing in there alone and in the dark. She goes and says that she was drawing with her friend. I asked ‘What friend? We found you in there alone.”
She fucking looks at me like I’m straight up retarded and says “The girl everyone always talks about.” and just straight up doesn’t say anything else about it.
After that point, the other supervisors and myself stopped being lenient with our write ups and made sure to get her those three strikes.


Rest of the post had to be cut to fit the character limit. The rest can be found in the comments at : http://www.reddit.com/nosleep/comments/35i25a/i_am_a_man_of_many_trades_part_2_arcade_stories/cr4kqyq
submitted by AnonOfManyTrades to nosleep [link] [comments]

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